Sunday, April 7, 2019


7/30/2020 The VH sequel, "Dead Goblin Girls - A Romance" should be out by year end. If you want to be notified when it's available send me an email ( and I'll add you to the mailing list. Of course I won't be selling or doing anything else nefarious with your info.

5/13/2020 After being down for awhile, it looks like the link from to Lulu for obtaining Vampire Holidays is working again.

1/19/2020 Thanks to everyone who downloaded Vampire Holidays in 2019. Final VH Valentine's Day chapter will be out early in February, 2020. There is a rumor about not exactly a sequel, but another story in the same universe. Currently titled, "Dead Goblin Girls."

8/17/19 A fair warning:  Vampire Holidays is a ROMANCE!!! No gratuitous sex or violence. Sorry. It's five chapters:  Valentine's Day, Independence Day, Halloween (what costumes do Vampires wear?), Christmas/New Year, and Valentine's Day again (as stated, it's a Romance). So if you stick with it to the end, you're only out $4.

7/2/19 Vampire Holidays 2 - Independence Day is now available for 99¢. A small price to pay to find out what a nonogamist is, as well as which side the Vampires were on during World War II.

4/19 Like me, this website is now semi-live.  And while we live in an age of shameless self-promotion, I have elected to take the quieter route of word-of-mouth.  So if you like the content, please spread the word.

The website will be growing.  Additional chapters of the Vampire Holiday series will be available soon at $1 per chapter.  I'm not looking to get rich, but would like to cover costs.  Future items will include some medieval ornaments in the Other Stuff section; my punishment for writing an article about them.

Contact:  If you must, my email is  I'll try to check it at least once a week, so don't get excited if you don't get an immediate response.